Sodium silicate

Also known as “water glass” sodium silicate is versatile material applied in various field to make use of its characteristic features.

Sodium Silicate

Development Products

  • Ground improvement materials
    Ground improvement

    It is soil stabilizers using “Silicashot base solution,” a special sodium silicate developed after many years of research.

  • Concrete reinforced waterproofing agent
    Concrete reinforced
    waterproofing agent

    Silicate, the main component, reacts with lime in the concrete, filling cracks and voids and extending the life of the concrete.

  • Si-Groots

    It is liquid type silica supplement for turf grass. It is easy to handle to scatter on turfs in golf courses and parks etc., and makes turfs healthier and more beautiful.

  • Carbon nanotube dispersion
    Carbon nanotube

    Carbon nanotube dispersion, inorganic material functions as a dispersant.

  • Blood type determinant
    Blood type

    This product uses lectins extracted from bitter gourd seeds that specifically aggregate human type O blood cells (H antigens) such as blood and blood stains.

  • Green Infrastructure

    We are working to improve turf grass and cogongrass to promote greening measures.