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    Stable quality and Stable supply

    As a leading manufacturer of Sodium silicate in Japan, Fuji Chemical offers high quality products from manufacturing bases nationwide.

    We produce sodium silicate which is indispensable for a wide variety of applications such as synthesized silica, silica-sol, grouting material, various inorganic binders, etc. We have a stable supply from manufacturing network nationwide, including group companies and cooperating companies, close to user factories, and boast a large market share.

    Company Profile
  • Research and Development Research and Development

    Research and Development

    Fuji Chemical focuses on basic research including micro structural analysis of sodium silicate to elucidate the unknown part and to the next possibility of application.

    Our Technical Center actively conducts structural analysis through basic research on sodium silicate. In addition to developing technologies to make use of the knowledge obtained from this, we are also connecting the developed applied technologies to further product development. Above all we provide feedback on our customer’s demand to our R&D system and make products that contribute more to society.

  • Developing a New Market for Sodium Silicate Developing a new market for sodium silicate
    featured products

    Featured Products

    Through long-term research of sodium silicate, we offer various inductive products.

    “Silicashot®,” one of our soil stabilizers for chemical injection (grouting) boasts a track record of more than 2,000 construction works and is supported by many customers in Japan and overseas. “Port Glass® & Water Dream®,” permeable concrete reinforcing waterproofing agents, effectively protect concrete from degradation factors and extend life. In addition, we are working on the development of new markets for sodium silicate, such as focusing on silica materials for lawns and carbon nanotube dispersions.